About Nicolò Arcuti

Nicolò Arcuti is an Italian comic book artist, illustrator and concept artist, born in Perugia, Italy in 1992. 

He's been expressing through drawing since he's been able to hold a pencil in his hands, he graduated in Comic arts at 24, and has since been collaborating with writers and publishers all over the globe, trying to bring their stories to life.

His most recent publications have been on "Beetlegirl" for Lucky Comics, the last two ComicBookHour Anthologies (Vilified: Power up and One Comic to Rule Them All), the sci-fi anthology "Scifies 2019" by Ramon Gil, "Always Punch Nazis vol. 2" by Pilot Studios, "My Kingdom for a Panel" by Arledge Comics, and the creator owned book "SKOTUS" #1 (by Robert Wolinsky and Nicolò Arcuti himself!), which was fully funded through Kickstarter with more than 150 backers, and will be coming out later in 2019.

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